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5 Most Renowned Buildings in Toronto Skyline

Toronto is the financial and cultural capital of Canada. It embraces the style and ideas well appreciated by prominent architects across the world. The architects in Toronto have developed many unique styles of architecture that has beautified its landscape and skyline. Toronto architects along with their creative thinking and contemporary approach have given shape to various spectacular… more

Saving time and money by avoiding variances.

We are currently working on several major renovation projects which involve extensive demolition and reconstruction work. One project, located in the Yonge and St. Clair neighbourhood,  involves demolition of the roof, the back wall and front wall of the existing two storey home. The proposed is a new contemporary façade with traditional stone, a new roof with… more

Strategy for Obtaining Permits for Additions and Internal Renovations

Strategy for obtaining permits for additions and internal renovations The latest two projects involved additions and internal renovations in Toronto. The strategy at the beginning was to obtain 2 separate building permits. The first permits were for the internal renovation permit which essentially avoids zoning issues, due to the fact that all of the work is inside… more