4 Great Dining Room Tips From The Best Architects in Toronto
August 29, 2014

A dining room holds a unique importance as compared to all other areas of the house. It is this room in which the whole family sits together, shares at least one meal of the day and talks about the latest happenings in their life. Hence, it must be a place that is not just perfect for having meal but also equally comforting.
Earlier, people rarely went inside the details of their dining room, but according to leading architects in Toronto, the trend has somewhat changed. More and more nowadays pay attention to how their dining room appears. So, to rev-up the aesthetic appeal of that special place, following are some of the best dining rooms design ideas from leading Toronto architects.

  1. Use Light Colours – While lighter shades of colour tend to open up space in a room, darker shades on the other hand make it appear smaller. However, don’t simply go for drab shades. In fact, bright contrasting colours can also be used along with whites so as to draw the attention towards a specific decorative element, but, try not to overuse colours. White and pale pastel shades with a little bit of bright touch are extremely popular.
  2. Use Maximum Lighting – Nothing works better than natural light, so keep your window panes large. Avoid dark window furnishings and curtains. Go for bright colours like yellow and red that really accentuate the natural light coming from the window. Also ensure to have your artificial light sparkling, but not too bright. A small chandelier will do great. If you are planning to use overhead spotlights, make sure they are subtle but sufficient.
  3. Table Furniture –
    A lot of things fall under this category including centrepieces, bowls, flower vases and even stemware. An ideal table should promote conversation, not hinder it. For that, there are three golden rules:

    1. Make sure that the view of those sitting on the table isn’t obstructed by the tableware and the accessories present on the table. Try to display those charming flowers in low-level bowls or vases or bowls.
    2. Stemware should always be that of crystal or lead crystal as sparkling glasses always tend to look good at the dining table since their reflections in the mirror can have a great curb appeal.
    3. Try including certain fabrics in the décor of your dining room so as to absorb those hearty laughs and other sound waves. Absence of heavy fabrics in a room can make it a lot echoic.
  4. Dining Room Furniture – For a small dining room, the choice of the furniture should be made accordingly. For instance, a round dining table instead of the traditional rectangular one can add more space in the room. Moreover, try to keep dining chairs armless and a bit slender rather than making them chunky. This is crucial as slender chairs tend to offer space between two diners. You can also go for double dining chairs in order to make the best out of your rectangular table.

Dining rooms offer a lot of space for customization. Therefore, you can let your ideas flow as you never know what might just click and look perfect. We, at Lindy Consulting, are a leading name when it comes to home architects in Toronto. Our team has helped hundreds of home and business owners by designing their place and turning it into an artistic masterpiece. Our works are driven by high ethical and industrial standards being leading architect firm in Toronto.

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