Want Luxury Kitchen? 5 Design Tips Straight From Toronto Architects
July 31, 2014

While working on the details of a luxury home, most of the to-be homeowners get hung-up on the intricate kitchen details. The kitchen can become the centre of your family’s daily activities. Hence, every detail must be worked upon according to your needs while keeping in mind the design aesthetics.

As you start planning your custom luxury home, here are 5 things which you can keep in mind while designing your kitchen:

  1. Try Different Kitchen Countertop Materials– Large luxury kitchens have the entire space dominated by slabs of either granite or marble which can make it feel a bit too cold and harsh. Your kitchen, however, should feel warm and welcoming. So, go for a different design approach by using various other countertop materials like limestone, silestone or even wood. Opting a wood top for the island can make it look classical/traditional.
  2. Hide those Bulky Appliances– Nothing clutters your luxury kitchen more than a bunch of appliances resting on your countertops. While designing, make sure you include plenty of space for storing all your kitchen appliances. You can either go for a large pantry with in-built shelving or a larder cabinet having internal countertop to hold your big and heavy kitchen equipments. You can also integrate big appliances like your refrigerator and dishwasher in such a way so that they blend in with the remaining cabinet design.
  3. Get Lighting Right– Terrible lighting can kill any luxury kitchen irrespective of how perfect the remaining design is. Most homeowners go for functional lighting that although illuminate the whole kitchen at once, but don’t really elevate ‘mood’ in your kitchen. Lighting is similar to fashion; you need to mix and match various styles so as to create the perfect look for you. To get the right light, you can try recessed lights over the counter or sink, an aesthetic ceiling lamp for the island and decorative pendent lights to add light, color and style.
  4. Colors and Patterns– White expensive kitchens undoubtedly ooze luxury, but colors and vibrant patterns can also add a great appeal. Having a bright-red accent wall along with a white cabinet can help to intensify the kitchen space and make it the focal point of your entire kitchen. A blue, patterned backsplash behind the stove can add a ‘Mediterranean’ flair to the kitchen and jewel tones can go great against dark countertops.
  5. Add a Multi-utility Island– The good ol’ days of kitchen peninsulas are long gone. While designing a luxury kitchen, try to go for big island space that can hold a decent amount of stuff without getting easily cluttered. An island is actually the hub of your kitchen where you can prepare meals, mix a drink or two for guests, can act as a self-serve buffet for a treat or even as a seat where the family can sit down together for a quick snack.

A well designed luxury kitchen can do wonders for the overall aesthetic appeal of your house. We, at Lindy Consulting, are Toronto’s leading architectural firm that has worked upon various projects for both residents and companies. Call us anytime to get a ‘Quote’ on our services.