Architects Services
January 23, 2014

Customarily, architectural firm’s services include the design, preparation of working drawings for permit and construction,  and finally often being involved in construction administration. Architects also provide a diverse range of other services including brainstorming, feasibility ideas, development management, and project management.

Whether the building type the client intends on constructing is straight forward or more intricate, the service of the architect can be tailored to the individual project. The architect can pay attention to requirements of quality, time, and cost. All of the architectural services can be listed and clarified within the agreement between owner and architect The scope the of architectural services will vary with the type and size or budget of the project; the development requirements of the owner; the  customized specific requirements of the project at hand; and there may also become unforeseen items at the time of the initial consultations or discussions. Identifying the requirements and quantifying the fees of the architect’s services is an important first step to the success of the client’s project.