Adding a Mini-Kitchen to Your Basement is a Great Idea
October 13, 2014

Architects in Toronto consider basements to be an excellent place to put the chef in you to practice. The privacy and personal space are some of the great qualities of a basement to build a perfect mini-kitchen. Since the basement floors are made of concrete, they provide good quality support to heavy equipment such as a refrigerator or a washing machine. Basement is close to your drainage system so you would not even have to worry about the draining system of your sink.

If you are planning to build a mini kitchen in your basement, here are few do’s and don’ts for it to blend perfectly with the environment.


  • Let there be light: DO have a lot of lighting. Lighting is essential for every kitchen, no matter the location. Most basements lack natural light, so make sure there is enough light to prepare food and brighten up the area.
  • Cabinet selection: DO choose a cabinet style that blends well with the rest of the basement. Dark wood is a good choice if there is a lot of light otherwise lighter stained woods or white cabinetry can be utilized to open up the basement. The rule of thumb here is to make the basement appear like any other room in your home. Dark colors absorb the light whereas lighter-colored cabinetry reflects back the light into the room.
  • Cabinet schemes: DO install the lights in upper cabinets to show off the glass door and enhance brightness. Mirrors inside the cabinets are another option to reflect light to the other side of the room.
  • Cabinet options: DO install the open shelving by making use of the vertical space. Open shelving will also keep you and your dishes well-organized.


  • Buying Appliances: DON’T buy an appliance just because it is a good bargain. Buying matching dishwasher and stove will maintain the continuity throughout your mini-kitchen.
  • Mix it with the rest: DON’T section off your mini-kitchen from the rest of the area. Let it be part of the entire basement family. Being a cook you will appreciate the addition of your mini-kitchen to your home.

Adding a mini-kitchen in the basement can be quite overwhelming for most of the homeowners in the city. However, careful planning and help from a Toronto architect can save you time, money and frustration from unexpected delays. Lindy Consulting works closely with you to create a kitchen that reflects your lifestyle. From design to remodeling, we will install a kitchen unique to your basement, and remarkable in practicality and appearance. Contact Us on 416-481-9947 TODAY!!