Robert Street
Ground Floor Living3rd Floor Hobby RoomGargage Door Off LanewayFront Porch Heritage Inspierd Bedroom WallcoveringKitchen Design3rd Floor AdditionGarage door off LnewayKitchenKitchen DesignKitchenGround FloorDormer in FrontSculpture3d Sketch3D Sketch

This is a full gut reno, including a ground, second and 3rd floor additions. New heritage inspired wood framed front porch and wood windows. We attended Committee of Adjustment, and worked through the heritage approvals from Heritage Preservation Services. The interior was completely redone. Features include new staircases, new windows, insulation, new kitchen, palatial tall ceilings, underpin. Fantastic view of the rooftops in the Annex. Collaboration with Mazen Studio Interiors.

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