Where are Clients Spending Their Renovation Dollars?
June 11, 2014

Where are most of our clients spending most of their dollars on renovations and additions?

People often ask me where to best spend their renovation dollars.

While this is a personal matter for most, I can share you my experience.

For renovation projects, we often get combinations of many requests, but the following is the top ranking of renovations or additions.

For Additions there are various types most common:

Top 5 renovation or addition projects

1. Addition off rear 2 storeys including Basement.

2. Addition off rear one storey from ground floor

3. Addition on existing ground floor or bungalow.

4. Addition to the front.

5. Combination of all of these.

What is being contained in the renovations or additions?

Top 10 renovation or addition projects 

1. New Kitchen

2. Open Concept Living room dining room, and kitchen, remove walls, structural revisions.

3. Basement underpin including basement reno

4. New Master Bedroom With Ensuite Washroom and Master Closet

5. Additional Bedrooms

6. Taller Ceilings In Living Space

7. Modernize the interior

8. Modernize the look of the Exterior of the house

9.  Some functional problem with the plan of the house including More Storage

10. Zoning Issues that need to be resolved

residential_31Elevation Style Traditional3rd floor additionNew StructurePlan of addition and renovation